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Flight bags are vey important for our life and Pilots already knows that. As I pilot I use everyday my flight case which is very important because I carry there all my sensible documents and other stuff.

Flight Bags, comes in every possible size and price. Depending on the type of pilot you are, another flight bag will be a better fit for you. With this guide, we will help you pick the best flight bag!


The first difference between flight bags lays in the type of bag. Some flight bags can be carried as backpacks, others require a strap around your shoulder or just a simple handle to carry by hand. Below you will find different types of flight bags, it’s up to you what you prefer.

Size & Weight

When it comes to flight bags, size does matter. Depending on your own unique needs, you will have to go with a different size of flight bag. This mostly depends on the stuff you are carrying with you on your flights. Is your flight bag paperless? Great, then a smaller flight bag will do the job. But if you need to carry multiple headsets and books or other documents, you will have to make sure there’s enough space for those and go with a larger model.

Another aspect that will influence the desired size of your flight bag is the space you have in the airplane. Tucking a big bag away in the small space behind your seat might not be ideal and could cause damage to the flight bag and aircraft. You have to make sure that your flight bag is big enough to fit all your gear but small enough to not make it a hassle on board.


A flight bag is only as practical as the number of compartments it has to store your gear like headsets, radios, books, charts and logbooks. Keeping your stuff organized before, during and after your flights is important, and could one day even save your life during an emergency.

Finding that one pen during turbulence, untangling your headset wires and finding the right chart can be a struggle. Modern flight bags can prevent this by helping you organize all your stuff and make it easy for you to find the things you need, whether it’s on the ground or 30,000 feet in the air.

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The Best Flight Bags for Student Pilots in 2020

very type of pilot is different and has different needs. For student pilots, we found a few interesting flight bags at an affordable price, something that’s important if you’re just starting out in aviation and have to pay for all your flight training.

Another important aspect for student pilot flight bags is that they need room for books and paper, because you will often carry books with you as a student pilot.

1. Jeppesen – Student Pilot Bag

Jeppesen’s Student Pilot Bag is the most affordable flight bag on his list, and therefore perfect for student pilots on a budget.

While compact, Jeppesen’s sturdy Student Pilot Bag provides plenty of storage space for all your aviation essentials. In addition to the double-zippered main compartment, the bag features 7 exterior storage pockets for easy organization and quick access to all your must-have tools. Three of the outside pockets are ideal for pens, flashlights, a fuel tester, and similar size items, while additional compartments are well suited for aeronautical charts, a calculator/E6B, a plotter, and more. It also features an interior key clip for easy storage and peace of mind.

2. ASA Pilot Flight Bag

The bag you want for your everyday flying: big enough to hold everything you need but compact enough to carry and store easily. It’s made of fully padded nylon for extreme durability.

The ASA Pilot Bag is the simple, no-frills bag of choice for everyday flying because it’s big enough to hold a pilots essentials yet compact enough to carry, transport, and store easily. This bag is a favorite among both fixed-wing and rotorcraft flight instructors who often recommend it to their students for solo and cross-country flights.

3. Flight Gear HP iPad Bag

The Flight Gear HP iPad Bag was specifically designed for the iPad pilot with lots of pockets for organization and custom pockets for protecting important electronics. All your gear fits in a bag perfectly sized for the cockpit. Includes a high visibility interior, padded non-slip shoulder strap, and a heavy-duty carrying handle.

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